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Words Left Unsaid

is a noir mystery game about a detective, an author, and a haunted hotel.

They say the sensational crime-fiction author Sandra Axton has murdered a young criminal —  Jay Rayner. You, detective Spencer Byrne get yourself assigned to the case to get Sandra’s name cleaned up.

You arrive to the familiar Hotel Lexicon to investigate the crime scene, knowing you cannot allow yourself to fail. However, the hotel welcomes you into its arms with an unexpected twist.

Explore the different rooms of Hotel Lexicon to investigate the clues behind the weird occurrences in the hotel, and figure out what happened to Sandra Axton. Your choices matter — who knows what will happen… if you cannot solve the mystery.

The game contains flashing lights/colours.

Developed in 8 weeks in Aalto University.



Virpi Väinölä
Rolands Tiss
Pietu Arvola
Laura Rantonen
Kaan Ünlü
Jesse Nukarinen
Antti Mäkipää

Voice Acting:

Tuma Heinonen
Mikael Salo
Kaan Ünlü
Ella Pitkänen
Axel Liukkala
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Authorsvirpiv, Jesnuka, Paledomain, lauranto, Thaigun, fwheel, rolandstiss
Tags3D, Detective, Horror, Mystery, Singleplayer


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would be nice if there was a mouse sensitivity option though. I'm not using a gaming mouse so if I move it a bit I end up helicoptering around the room


This is a great and solid game from start to finish! First and foremost, the artwork during the cut scenes were beautiful. The choice of color is really catching and captivating. I love how the game design also stays within that color choice, but then has its own unique perspective on what an environment should look like. And of course, the story and narration. There are so many elements that build the story, I.E. crime, danger, romance, betrayal, even an eerie presence of something dark. I frickin love it! The narration sounded awesome and very fluid. All that lent their voices did a great job capturing who their character is, and it definitely enhanced the story even further! I cannot wait for newer developments to come out, and I'm already interested in other games the team has done previously!

Great work!  

good game, had fun with it, i like the art

I really enjoyed the story! The pacing was a little stop-start but it looks really really great and made me quite uneasy at times!

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There needs to be a better way to deliver plot exposition. The gameplay was: look around for a few seconds, click the mouse button, then proceed to sit and look at nothing for several minutes. Repeat. 

I enjoyed the art direction, and appreciate the voice acting, and I'm sure there's a plot in here that I'll like but it got so boring to play 

Amazing Game! I loved the visuals, a style that seems a bit noir, a bit Suspiria. The plot is intriguing. One of the coolest games that I have played. Congrats!

key, pages, what's the 3rd clue in the bar?

Did you discover the ink pen?

That was it. Incredibly hard to find.